Hi, I’m an eleven-year-old from Georgia, USA and in the fifth grade. Some of  my hobbies are karate, basketball,  building, and I love to read and want to help others learn to love reading. My friends are always asking me for suggestions and I thought if they like my suggestion why won’t other people? That is why I am reviewing books, to help other kids find some books that they will really get hooked on. By the way most of the books I read are Teen Middle. I also read a little Teen High and still have my favorites from the Juvenile section. I’m always open to any suggestions or comments. Read On !!

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  1. great job

  2. Sir Books, do you have a digital ereader? And would you consider writing a review for me? If so, I’d love to send you a free download of my new book, The Quill Pen. I just released it this week. Here’s the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wPyLNP4bJI

    If it looks like something you’d enjoy, give me a holler at write@michelleisenhoff.com and I’ll send you whatever file you need. If you don’t have an ereader, I can send a pdf, which would open on your computer. Thanks! Michelle

  3. Michellle, I just looked at the trailer it looks awesome. I would love to review it. I don’t have an e-reader, but a pdf will work. I will send an email with where to send it. Thank’s for the offer! 😀

  4. sup just made a website gamerdudepie.wordpress.com check it out

  5. sup back at you gamerdudepie! 😀

  6. Hey,
    How did you make a blog? I would like to make one. I’ll also send you one of my stories… or I’ll just give it to you in class. I want them written in case I want to make another one.

    • You can make a blog by going to wordpress.com and follow the instructions they give you.I would love to read one of your stories. What would your blog be about? On the right hand side of my blog there is a button that says “sign me up”. Will you subscribe? Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I love reading book reviews from kids! Keep up the work!

  8. hey Sir Books-a-lot it is your friend nikki. I like all of your reveiews they are awsome. What do you think is a good Idea for a blog for a girl like me?

    thanks nikki

    • Thanks Nicole! It depends on what you really like and like to talk about.

  9. Sir Books,

    Would you be interested in reviewing our book. We can post you a copy.

    Please see http://www.traveltalesofelves.com

    Thank you,

    • I would be very interested! It looks like a great book! I will contact you with my e-mail privately. 😀

  10. Hi Sir Booksalot,

    I am so impressed with your blog and was wondering if you would be interested in reviewing my book. Here is a link to Amazon so you can check it out.


    If you like the sound of it please let me know and I’ll arrange for a review copy for you.
    Steve L

    • Thank you for your kind words Mr. Lothian! I have not been able to get on Sir Books-a-lot as much as I would like to this year. I have been SUPER busy! Your book looks really cool, I would love to review it when I have more time. I hope to have more time over spring break or over the summer if the offer still stands. Thanks again! -Sir Books-a-lot

      • Thanks for your reply Sir.

        Just let me know when you have more time and I’ll send a review coforgo you.


      • Oops. My iPad corrected a word in the last reply.
        It should have said ‘…send a review copy for you.’

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