Parents! (again)

A great way to get your kids excited about reading is to read with them. The books by Carol Marsh are great for this type of thing because many of them are set in real places that you can visit as a family. You can even start your own mini book club. Something that I like to do is have meals based on what book I’m reading. Just have fun with it!

(here is a link to Carol’s website)

Another great series is The 39 Clues(here’s the link)

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  1. Hi Sir Books A Lot! I like your idea to have your meals based on books! The Red Wall Series would be a good book for that! Would you consider writing a guest book reviews for my blog? I am thinking about having a regular thing on my blog where I get kids to review books. I am going to make it a separate category. If you would like to guest review (your choice of books) let me know at

    Erik }:o]

    • Thanks! I would love to! I think I might do a book called “Countdown” by Deborah Wiles if that is okay. (sorry, I’m not allowed to email yet)

    • Oops! forgot to ask how would you like me to send my review to you

  2. Cool! I’ve never heard of that book before. My parents check all my emails and comments and posts before I see them too, to make sure they are appropriate for kids. Could your parents email it to me? If they don’t want to do that my mom suggested posting it on your site and I could re-blog it on my site. You can let me know.
    A.K.A. This Kid Reviews Books

    • Sounds good! I’m not done with it yet, but I will get it to you as soon as I can ! 🙂

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