When Theo’s friend April disappears, of course, he tries to find her. The police find that April had recently been in touch with a criminal named Jack Leeper. Did Jack abduct April?! If not who did?! I give this book 4 out of 5 shields for the wonderful characters that really develop through the story. I could not stop reading this book because of the suspense. John Grisham really puts you right next to Theo as he tries to find April. This is the second book in the Theodore Boone series.

♦♦♦♦◊ 4 out of 5 shields


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  1. These look like good books. My mom and dad read Mr. Grisham’s adult books. Did you read the first book?

    • Yes, I have a review for it under realistic fiction. They are really good if you are interested in court cases.

  2. Great review. I really need to get the first book of the series. I really
    like John Grisham.

    • Me too! I used to want to be a lawyer when I was little.

  3. I have a review for this book scheduled to post the day after Halloween. 🙂 I think Grisham is a better adult writer than kids writer.

    • When I get bigger I would love to read some of his adults books, but so far the kids books are great!

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