Thanks and Update

I really, really appreciate all of my followers and supporters! I’m sorry that I haven’t posted very much lately .I have been very busy with school, karate, movie making, and helping with a non-profit. Stay tuned; I hope to have some time over spring break or over the summer and I’ll be back!

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  1. Cool Sir Books! I hope you tell us about some of the projects you are working on Movie COOL! Volunteer work COOL! See ya soon 🙂

  2. I second Erik. Give us a post about what you’ve been working on. Sounds like some neat stuff! 🙂

  3. Sir Books, I can’t seem to find your email–I’m sure I had it once–so I’ll have to extend this invitation here. Would you like to be part of my summer book launch? I’d love your input, and school should be done by then. Here are the details:

  4. Hi “Sir Books”. I’ve tried emailing you once or twice, but you never seemed to answer. Are you going to start this up again? You’ve known me from first grade to fifth, so you know that my entire life consists of FanFiction reading and music. I’d really like to see what you’re reading now. I’m a little lost for something to read, so I’ll reread your blog posts and look around. I would really like to see you start this up again. I just might not be able to see it. I’ve gotten a little busier. Why am I rambling in a comment? Well, you probably won’t see it. Then again, you might and that just offended you. OK, that never happened.
    I really better wrap this up before I go seriously crazy. Again, I just really want to talk to you again, even if it is through a blog.
    So, for maybe the last time here… ~Kara

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