Parents! (again)

A great way to get your kids excited about reading is to read with them. The books by Carol Marsh are great for this type of thing because many of them are set in real places that you can visit as a family. You can even start your own mini book club. Something that I like to do is have meals based on what book I’m reading. Just have fun with it!

(here is a link to Carol’s website)

Another great series is The 39 Clues(here’s the link)

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If you want your kids to read, make sure they see you reading. Even setting aside a time that the whole family reads together is great. Before bed is a perfect time instead of TV.

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Finding a Nook

Reading is more fun if you have a favorite place to read. I have a place between my bed and bookshelf where it is all nice and cozy. If you haven’t found your nook yet, don’t worry. Somewhere like an armchair is perfect. Wherever is comfortable to you is the best place to read. 😀

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Selecting the Right Book

Finding the right book is an important thing. Try reading the back of the book or the first page. Sometimes you can tell if it is a good book or not by the first sentence!

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