THE SON OF NEPTUNE by: Rick Riordan

  Percy Jackson finds himself running into a Roman demigod camp with his memory stolen. The kids at camp have their own problems to worry about: One guy’s life depends on a stick! The Mother Earth and her giants want to take over the world. Can Percy and his friends band together and stop the giants from rising again and learn to use their “gifts”? The characters all have a gift/curse so it is interesting how they try to solve their problems. I read this book in one day it was so good! The Son of Neptune gets 5 out of 5 shields. This is book 2 in the Heroes of Olympus series. You can check out Mr. Riordan’s site at There are tons of cool facts on all of his books. ;D

♦♦♦♦♦ 5 out of 5 shields